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The Society has a long term partnership with JUCONI since 1996.  


JUCONI (Junto con los Niños/Together with the Children) works with street children in Ecuador's largest city. The programme offers a mix of education, welfare and psychotherapy to help each child and his or her family set a positive course for the future, ideally leaving street-life behind for ever.  The society supports four children through the INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN TRUST (ICT), a UK charity that works with JUCONI.


Pioneering use of psychotherapeutic techniques to rebuild self-esteem and family relations in the poor barrios of Guayaquil continues to make ICT Partner JUCONI one of the most successful in the rehabilitation of street working children.


We recently received heart-warming news from the charity that two of the children that we support have ‘graduated’ to the stage where they no longer need our financial aid. Juconi has a four-stage help programme for these children. Typically the Society sponsors children in the ‘intensive’ phase.  


In 2014 Miguel and Ivan progressed under the programme and are now ready to enter the independence phase. Of course, while this is great news, Juconi’s work does not stop there. As a result the Society is now sponsoring two new children.


Antonio is the oldest of five children and the five of them live in a small house with cousins, uncles, their grandmother, and their mother. The small house has no basic services like water or electricity. To help his mother, Antonio leaves the home to throw away the garbage of their neighbours, who pay a few cents for their efforts. Antonio has some health conditions among these amoebic cysts, but he does not receive medical treatment. The mother is currently working on a shrimp packing full time, so Antonio has become responsible for the care of his brothers most of the time.


Julia met Fundación Junto con los Niños (JUCONI) in the community Socio Vivienda. JUCONI was shocked to find that she had left her studies behind and instead lived a life of labor on the streets. Through games with JUCONI, the psychologists could see it was evident that Julia lived in a home with violence and negligence with her parents Rita and Vicente


Lisa Killick, from the International Children’s Trust, had this message for AES Members:

Your sponsorship for two years will be enough to allow us to help their families begin to prioritise education instead of work for these children. Their family will receive a monthly food basket that we provide both to help compensate for the children not working as much and finally not working at all. The food basket contains the kind of food that will improve their nutrition as a family and, as it is quite low in cost but high in nutritional value, should make a difference to their nutrition even when we no longer support them.

Your support will also provide school uniform and shoes, with books and school equipment and will also be used to provide emergency medical treatment should this be necessary. JUCONI will provide the therapeutic and educational help to these children and their parents, which mean family different choices will be made and Julia will be able to make better use of opportunities for a more successful future. On behalf of these children and their families we send our sincere thanks for such an important contribution to their future.  


To see more about JUCONI go to their website



In the past we have also made donations to:







Fundacion Luz y Vida


Casa Victoria


Centro del Muchacho Trabajador, Quito

The Anglo-Ecuadorian Society made donations to Centro del Muchacho Trabajador (The Working Boys Centre) in 1997, 2001 and 2003.


The Centro was started over forty years ago. The current Director, John Halligan, a Catholic priest, has been involved from the beginning. The school works exclusively with children who work in the streets, but also with the parents in order to help them understand that if you can receive an education, you can change your life. Children leave the school ready to work and live their lives independently and successfully. The school helps children and their parents become agents of their own prosperity.


Centro de Madres al Servicio de la Infancia, Atucucho


The Anglo-Ecuadorian Society has been in touch with this organisation since 1994, and in 2001 began making monthly payments to pay for medical, vaccination and dental check-ups for all the children in the Centre. The Society was also able to provide funds that were used to buy a computer.


Fundación Luz y Vida, Quito

The Society made donations to the Foundation for Light and Life in 2001 and 2003.


The Foundation was started in 1994 to analyse the social and economic problems affecting the poorest populations in Ecuador, and raise money to implement projects to relieve suffering and improve the overall quality of life. One worthwhile project has involved the establishment of a nursery which now looks after 150 children every day. Without the nursery, the children would be loose on the streets.


The Anglo Ecuadorian Society is pleased to support these and many other charities working with children in Ecuador. All our donations are raised through our events and our participation at the annual ALAF fair. A

Thank you to our members and others who give so generously - its money well spent.

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